A Zero can be a Hero

So its my 2nd post after my welcome note. Its motivational so relax and look forward towards it.
This is for those who feel like me that they are ZERO
A big zero in life.
I have always planned many things and wondered how it can be done but always failed to fulfill those.
U know how confusing it is n above all staying so patient.
But i find positively in it even if i couldn’t complete it.
Yes i am Zero
And this is the best power i have, v have.
V are zero and so v r ‘FEARLESS’.
This is an advantage coz v dont have that pressure of winning.
V can participate freely and give it a try.
In case v win then the sound of claps
If v loose then taps on the backs.
This is how it works so i suggest to be fearless ,be raw and compete.
Doesnt matter wether u lose. Coz there’s no one to laugh at u as these people already know u gona loose.

”Agar harna hi hai to ladhke haaro”

Take a initiative and learn from it.
Who knows someday A Zero can turn into Hero


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