Middle class guys..! stuck in middle always

There is alwys a rich brat in a group of friends who enjoys his life and a poor guy who is the most determined one. But there’s maximum no of middle class guys who i feel are “na Ghar ka na Ghat ka”. So i thought y shouldn’t i write my 3rd blog dedicated to them.

So lets begin from a Rich brat;
These guys r always so cool and they have that happening life daily. They have girls around them. They have dat enough cash always and most of them own superbikes or luxury cars. They party hard & they dont need to worry for future as their pocketmoney is more than the salary of any engineer.

Talking about the poor ones;
These guys r always silent, soft spoken, studious, harworking and r focused on their goals. They are toppers in the class. They know the true value of money and spend their pocket money wisely. They r well respected allover.

Remaining are the middle class guys, most in the no. according to population of the country.
These guys r the true Dreamers. Who always dream, who are more than willing to b rich, who always try various things to earn money but mostly fails to do so.
Lets take an example :-
These guys get sufficient money from family for their spendings but looking at their rich friend they feel to own the same lifestyle as his.
They will always dream to buy unaffordable things.
These guys always lives under pressure of parents. They aren’t any toppers in exams n get scolds time to time for their average academics.
Most of the girls get stuck to the rich ones n find poor ones cute. But middle class guys r always tapori for them. Most of these guys chill always and find shortcuts to success.
These guys r unpredictable. Many loose to win n very few make it.
Life for these guys is like ‘Na ghar me na ghat main, well par hamesha rahenge thhatt main’
Take any success story. The protogonist is very poor or he already belong to a rich family who supports him to grow.
But middle class guys,
Nor they are able to do big, neither they can be controlled.
‘Kare to kya kare aur kaise kare’ a one big question always in head.
Well here, its not a story of rags to riches,
Because for them, life always ditches.

Now u must b thinking in which category do i come. Well thats a secret. M just a blogger. 😄;)


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