Harami Aashiq- A Ruthless friend

So its my 4th blog. With this blog i would like to give condolences to the pockets of all the aashiqs(lovers) out there.

I have been very sympathitical to all my friends who own the prestigious title ‘The Loving Boyfriend’, who are engaged and are committed to their relationships and can go to any depth to keep their girlfriend like princess. Ohh ya sounds unimaginable.

Well the story starts from traping a girl on whom they have that ‘CRUSH’ and they die for her one glance.
‘Wo terepass dekh rahi hai’ (shez looking at u)
These are the words which has destroyed many of the lives ending up to their bankruptcy.

Harami aashiq which i titled does not mean that the guy is bad but he is bad only when it comes to treating his male friends. So this aashiq will do anything possible to make his gf laugh.

The most common pick up line of any aashiq to his girlfriend is
”Main tere liye chand taare tod launga”
Lekin dost k liye, ”ghanta..chal sathme chalte hai”

This are the guys whose every other word will be abusive while talking with friends but as soon as his gf rings, the voice tone change to ‘hi baby, my sweety, mela baccha’.
He will take credits from friends to enjoy a coffee in CCD but will drink tea with his friends at a stall in TTMM payment mode(TTMM stands for Tu Tera, Main Mera)
He will wear out his friend’s dresses to look good on date but will return it unwashed.
He will start saving money from the beginning to make his so called 1 year 4 months relationship anniversary special but will never ever treat his friend at some luxuries lounge.
He will refuel his friends bike which he borrowed for a date but wont bother if he is roaming with his friend and will enjoy pushing the bike with him till the pertol pump.
He will make her birthday a day to remember all her life but on his friends birthday he is happy gifting cake in contry with others. And his own birthday celebration, he will try to manage it in the cheapest way.
A movie with friends is coming full stomach in theatre taking cheap front row ticket to save money but with a gf its 2 corner seats recliner with popcorns and cold drinks.
If he wants to pass the time with his gf, he will take her to shopping mall assuring her next gift through window shopping but will roam around with his other friends on street watching other cheeks.
He will enjoy a pizza or a burger with his gf but with a friend he is happy eating vadapav that too in TTMM payment mode.
He will eat that tasteless dal-chawal from tiffin of his mess but will make sure to have chicken kababs or sizzlers as starters on a dinner date.
He will throw all his roommates out of his flat in sun to enjoy quality time with his gf. Rather gifting them with a small ice-cream party or a gudan garam if they smoke.
He will lie parents abouts the exam form fees to spend the remaining amount taking his gf on outing.
Whenever he is around girls, he will show that attitude of ignorance to his poor friends but when he is drinking a beer for free with them, then the attitude turns into ‘tu hich mera bhai h’.
She must be fighting all the time, must be so loud, so noisy, so irritating, so frustrating but still he will be calm, patient, loving and caring taking out all his anger on his friends.

The only time when he realises his friendship with his poor friends is when
He runs into any of his gf’matter, gets beaten,gets thrashed and thats when he calls ‘aajao yaaro bohot mara hai’.
And then THE WAR begins.

Well this are just cheerishable moments in friendship so everyone enjoys being that poor friend and every particular friend tries to become that Harami Aashiq, so it completes the circles.

Finally a grand salute to HARAMI AASHIQS..
U make friendship worth happening and maintaining the path of abusive talkings.
Love you all.

So now u must b thinking m i a harami aashiq or a poor friend?
Haah..!! Jus love being a blogger.



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