Stay fit Stay hit

5th blogpost and finally on my favourite topic. Fitness. Being a Fitness Freak I have always been willing to write on it since early and here it is.

Many have been asking me for various fitness fundas that I use and had been telling me that they look upto me and my sculpted physique. Well a big thank you to all of u and this blog is something in return to them.

FITNESS– the word doesnt mean bodybuilding or having a muscular body. It simply means living a heathly life.

U dont need to think of building a superbulky physique and showing off your 6 pack abs. Keep it simple. It is all & only about EXERCISING DAILY.

As a beginner I had no one to guide me or to motivate me. I was a thin guy who had a dream of achieving a physique which will inspire many. And yes at this point I can say I am on my way. It has been an amazing journey.

‘Yaar kya kaamal ki body h uski..KAASH meri bhi banjaye’

Forget this ‘KAASH’ word. If he can, then why cant you? Ofcourse you also can.

All u need is to take that initiative.

Start from basic exercises like pushups, pullups, crunches, skippings, running, cycling, etc.

You can also opt out for Yoga, Zumba or Aerobics if interested.

Learn how to do them perfectly by practising daily. Make sure you eat right food because 80% of the physique depends upon the diet. Consume gallons of water everyday that keeps you hydrated.

Aviod supplements in early stage to build a natural body for longlasting results. Stay away from steriods and injective drugs to maintain relaibility in your health. DRUG KILLS.

Distance yourself from all the diversions.

It hardly takes 20-30 mins from your 24 hrs for workouts and i am sure no one of us is that oh so damn busy to aviod it. And even if you are, then hit one set of exercise before taking shower. Its your time so you decide.

If you are not in mood to workout then just rush to your Gym and decide there to workout or not.

Stay self motivated.

Nobody else will come and get you there. Its only u who can get yourself there where u wish to be.

Trust me, exercising brings stability in you.

You feel confident and energetic.

Whenever u are angry u can hit gym and take it all out there by punishing the irons and rods. Will be pumped harder.

You get that gutts to stand in people and talk to them.

It energies all your day and keeps that glow on your face.

Girls will definetely get attracted towards you and so do guys.

Its feels great to grab eyeballs around u.

You will enjoy sharing your experiances among your friends the moment they praise your transformation.

All that just a step away from starting up.

The most important factor in this field is to keep PATIENCE.

Transformation is quick but making a dream body is something which takes time to develop. So be patient and focus on ua workouts. Everything will b achieved.

Remember All u need is the intiative..that first step..! Take it and experiance the magic in you.

Dont be a looser with lames because then you are cheating yourself.

Look yourself in a mirror and target your goals.

Enjoy listening to your fav.playlist while working out.

You will start enjoying your life in fact u will start living a healthy & fit life.

Live with an unstoppable energy.

None the less atleast you will end up being your own self-guard.

One Important advice:

If anyone asks ‘How are you?’

Your answer should be ‘Fit and Fine‘ (indicating not only fine but also fit)

But before saying this, make sure that your belly does not hang out on your stomach as everyone hates to see it.

So keep exercising regirously.

I dont think after this you will b able to hold your shirt anymore..afterall its summer and its too hot

Enjoy being a ‘nanga punga dost’ of others.

Well thats not all, but I will definetely explore more about fitness by the time in my upcoming blogs.. till den start up and stay focused.

Because the only reason is,

Fit hai to Hit hai 

All the best

Love from your just a Blogger


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