Supplements – How important is that..?

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As i promised i will write more on fitness
So here comes my 2nd post on Supplementary foods.
Hope this post acknowledges you in right direction and brings awareness about a healthy life.

Well I got a thunderous response for my 1st post on fitness ‘Fit hai to Hit hai ‘.
Most of the people have started working out but as its said ‘To start something new, u need a good guidance’. So Chillax, I am here for you.

I have noticed many people who are confused about consuming Supplements and other doubts related to it as most of them keeps asking me for suggestions on it time to time.
Hope this post brings all the answers to all those queries.

I believe in natural bodybuilding.
From the beginning I have always maintained my focus on my exercises and my food intake. I eat healthy and stayed away from supplementary food.

I don’t say that supplements aren’t good for health. Ofcourse they work but not for Amateurs. They greatly boost up those who are intermediators in this field.

Amateurs should completely think for building a natural physique rather than finding shortcuts to build quick. Yes supplements works as shortcuts. It give you a temporary build. Your body grows by the ages after maintaining consistancy in ua exercises.

Ask yourself that what will u do of that big flaunting muscles if they are not going to stay for long..?

Negatives of Supplementary food:
1. Only consuming supplements doesn’t help. U need to have a proper diet on it to balance the equity of your muscles.
2. It pumps your body very quickly and u start feeling like builder. But your happiness is short-lived.
3. After getting a long gap in your workouts (may be u r busy somewhere with other works)your body starts bulking up. Your muscles swallows.
4. If the product doesn’t suits u, your body starts producing heat and your skin might get damaged.
5. Once taken it becomes addiction. Then your body regularly needs it. Else you are dissatisfied with your own workout results.
6. U loose naturality of your body.

Positives of Natural diet:
1. U eat organic food which is not chemicalised in the laboratories.
2. U get all natural nutrients from ur food which is pure.
3. U enjoy fresh cooked food served to u and not those years ago packed items.
4. U feel energised after having your fav.meals.

Make sure u eat right food and digest whatever u eat. Stay away from junk foods. Eat more and eat in regular intervals.
Naturality in food & exercises gives u a long-lasting physique. It sculpts your body in a very well manner.
Ofcourse its a slow process but it’s worthy. After all your health is your asset.

Supplements should be consumed by those who have achieved natural shape of their body and are healthy enough to resist it. It should be subscribed only from those who have gained much experiance & knowledge in the field of fitness. Or u can consult your Nutritionist.

Again I repeat, ‘Supplements works the best for intermediators’

I am not against the supplements but I believe in natural food. The main purpose for writing this is because everyone of us have our own other works to do. We are not professionally into the field of glamour. So it gets tough to maintain our physiques.
Hence it’s just for a guidance. NO OFFENCE.
So trust yourself, be patient and workout intense & eat right food.

I would like to conclude this post by a thought for those who have fad for shortcuts in bodybuilding.

“If size mattered, then the Elephants would have been the kings of the jungle”

Stay fit💪keep rocking😎

— Love from your fitness freak Blogger☺😙


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